TRIO Cargo

Freight Elevator

A meticulously engineered installation of an elevator demands consideration of various factors the size and weight to be transported and the method of handling. Keeping in mind such specific requirements for various operating conditions, Trio manufactures the Cargo range of Freight elevators with a range of capacities and choices in control systems.

With an optimally planned elevator installation, we see an increase in the material handling volume and a higher level of productivity at lower costs.

Be it planning a new structure, or installing an elevator in an existing structure, or modernizing a previously installed elevator, at Trio, we assists you in all ways and means heloping you achieve the right vertical transportation.


The Trio Cargo is built using a robust structural steel frame, solid sheet metal side panels and metal top. Vertical side panels, full height, are fabricated from steel and are externally bolted to provide flus interior surfaces with ideal strength and rigidity. It is provided with lighting fixtures.

The Trio Cargo platform has a frame built with structural steel channels to handle the extremely heavy loads imposed by freight services. The chequeredplate flooring provides added safety with its multi-grip, anti-skid surface. It is welded to the car platform or maximum rigidity and durability.

The car interiors are finished with grey industrial enamel/power coated/stainless steel.

  • Speed : 0.35 m/s. to 1 m/s
  • Capacity : 500kg to 5000kg
  • Car Panel : Thickness- 18 gauge Standard / 16 guage optional
  • Finish : Spray Painted / Powder Coated / Stainless steel
  • Flooring : MS Chequered plate – standard / Alluminum / SS Chequered plate – optional
  • Doors : Collapsible Imperforated / Telescopic Automatic / Vertical-bi-parting