TRIO Crystal

Trio Crystal with various glass panel options

When aesthetic brilliance combines an innovative idea, and functional technology backs it, we see a wonder. It is what we call the Trio Crystal.
With its beautiful body making possible the impossible, it is an elevator that lets its passengers have a view of the world. Nonetheless, it is equally well equipped in terms of safety, and for reliability.

Achieving Height

Be it for the clam of a residential apartment, the hustle and bustle of a commercial complex, magnificent grandeur of a hotel, the Trio Crystal is crafted with great experience, as artist’s eye for detail and immaculate care.
A masterpiece of dynamic art, it provides a different perspective of the world around!

Applications and Benefits

Commercial Complexes

The Trio Crystal becomes a point of attraction in a commercial area like a shopping complex. It creates an opportunity, such that, the passengers are attracted by the other commercial activities within the building. Moreover, it enhances the commercial and aesthetic value of the premises.


The Trio Crystal adds prestige to a hotel. It not only enhances the aesthetics, but when strategically located, provides the guests exposure to the various attractions of the hotel, like, the swimming pool, cafeteria, sports or health facilities, shopping areas, confectionery shops etc. Logically, that generates even more business for the hotel.

Residential Buildings

A residential building with a Trio Crystal is a reflection of the affluence and resplendence of the presidents. An attraction in itself, it creates and opportunity for the building to become a landmark in the locality!

Importantly, Trio Crystal Elevators are designed to provide customers with options to aesthetically decorate the interiors to their choice so as to blend with the external decor of building.


  • Glass Panels : Transparent three safety glass panels providing a large clear area of visibility.
  • Frame for Glass Panels : Glass panels are supported by sturdy anodized aluminum extruded frames in satin finish.
  • Lighting : Diffused lighting. Incandescent lamps concealed behind laminated wooden pelmet provided throughout the internal periphery of the car.
  • Ventilation : Optimum air circulation is provided through sweep pressure / blower fan.
  • Flooring : 2 mm thick marblex tiles with suitable provisions for laying up to 25 mm carpet or alternative tiles by you.
  • Handrail : Stainless Steel or Powder Coasted handrail.
  • Top and Bottom Cowls : Aesthetically designed and elegantly shaped sheet steel cowls at the top and bottom of the car painted to a shade of your choice.
  • Capacity : 6-26 Passengers (1088 kg.)
  • Speed : 1.00 mps